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About this App

Paymo allows you to accurately track time spent on tasks, identify project bottlenecks and help your team be more productive. Sharing everything with your team, keeping track of progress, ideas and costs will keep you on top. Don’t get distracted by organizing things: find anything using Paymo’s global search, customize the interface & tools. Keep everyone on the same page with discussions & file sharing. Keeping time just got a whole lot easier. Online payments? Of course. And you'll get paid quicker.


Project Management

  • Inline editing, just type and get to work
  • Easily assign tasks to your team, share files and discuss details by adding comments.
  • Quick inline editing makes working with tasks
  • Switch to an advanced tasks view with filtering capabilities
  • Save time with templates
  • When you create a new project, you can save it as a template
  • When you need to create a similar project, you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Keep projects on track with milestones & set yourself milestones
  • Paymo lets you store documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images or other files related to the project – so everyone can access them, anytime

Team Collaboration

  • You can notify people via email or post things to your project
  • Discussions module - freely discuss anything related to the project
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Keep all your project files together ready to be shared with your team members
  • Attach files to any task or project discussion
  • You can preview image files directly in the browser 

Time Tracking

Projects fall behind when time management is ignored, that's why Paymo offers very accurate time tracking & automatic time tracking tools for easy recording. From now on, no more guesstimates or undercharging clients.

Timesheet Reporting

Paymo offers one of the most robust timesheet reporting systems in the industry. It’s easy to create fully customized time reports for your organization.

Invoicing & Financial Add-ons

Forget multiple apps for your business. On top of project management features Paymo offers invoicing, estimates and expenses in a single app. Hassle free.


Change Paymo to fit your needs with its flexible personalization features. You can customize the way Paymo looks via skins, add your branding and your language.

Adaptable Dashboard

It’s always useful to have an overview of your work: one glance at the dashboard. With Paymo you are able to choose what to put/display on the dashboard.

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