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About this App

Use Capsule to keep track of the people and companies you do business with, communications with them, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when. Get Capsule on-the-go with the Capsule mobile apps - view, add or update your data even when you’re offline and start calls or emails directly from contact profiles.


Get a complete contact view

The contact page gives you a birds eye view of everything you know about a contact so that you can keep track of the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.

  • Share contacts with co-workers
  • Categorize contacts using tags such as lead, customer, vendor etc.
  • You can even customize Capsule to record additional information
  • Easily add notes about conversations you've had, meeting outcomes etc.
  • Track all email communications by sending emails from Outlook
  • Attach documents, agreements, proposals and other files
  • Import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets and any CSV file.

Manage your sales pipeline 

Use Capsule to track bids, deals, proposals and other opportunities.

  • Share opportunities with co-workers to enable easy collaboration
  • Get a quick summary of opportunities on the go via the sales dashboard
  • Keep track of where each opportunity is at, using milestones
  • Each milestone is linked with a success factor
  • Keep track of the history of an opportunity by adding notes and attaching documents
  • Generate reports and extracts from the pipeline

Make sure things get done

Manage your to-do list and calendar using tasks in Capsule to ensure things don't get forgotten.

  • Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, submission deadlines etc.
  • Link tasks with contacts, opportunities or cases
  • Share tasks with co-workers
  • Each task in a track can be linked to the previous task
  • Custom Fields

Customize Capsule to fit your business

Create custom categories using tags such as vendor, lead, customer.

  • Extend tags with your own custom fields that are relevant to your busines
  • Customize the sales milestones and process
  • Use "Tracks" to create standard processes for opportunities and cases
  • Brand your Capsule account using your colors and logo

Manage groups of contacts with lists

Create lists by filtering your contacts using your own criteria such as which city they're in, how you've tagged them, when they were added, or using a custom field you have added.

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/ month / user Up to 2 users
30 days Free Trial 
2 GB Storage per user10 MB Storage
50,000 Contacts 250 Contacts 
Unlimited opportunities Unlimited opportunities
Unlimited cases Unlimited cases
Premium integrations including Xero, FreshBooks, MailChimp, Wufoo & more