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About this App

We built Hubstaff to empower teams of all sizes and locations to collaborate and work together. We want everyone involved to have a better life and that means freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. We've found that this kind of freedom and good will not only improves morale, it also boosts creativity and the overall quality of work done. We're a fully transparent company which means we share our revenue numbers and our struggles and successes.


Manual Time Setting

  • Allow or disallow users to add manual time and delete time
  • Setting for when the inactivity monitor appears per user

Online / Offline Indication

  • Easily see who is currently working and who is offline

Multiple Remote Teams

  • Manage all your remote teams and businesses with one account
  • Invite your clients to view screenshots and activity levels 

Track Time Offline

  • Data and screenshots are stored locally when you track time offline

Screenshot Blur

  • Optionally blur out screenshots for PCI/HIPPA compliance or privacy concerns

Toggle Activity Levels

  • Turn off activity levels and only see the total time a member has worked 

Time Tracking API

  • Hubstaff's API allows you to retrieve your team's data in a variety of ways.
  • Activity Levels and Screenshots

Activity Bars

  • Color coded green, orange and red so you can see how active people are at a glance
  • Screenshot Thumbnails
  • See worker activity and screenshots by the hour in a visual format.
  • Full screen views of all screenshots for full detail

Turn screenshots off

  • You can turn off screenshots for specific users with admin settings 

Budgets and Time Limits

  • Easily set time limits for each team member
  • Set the maximum number of hours you want a member to be able to work
  • Automatical alerts for exceeding time limit
  • Change weekly budgets at any time

Automatic Payroll

  • Save time by paying your team automatically with Paypal
  • Set up your users and select a pay period

GPS and Location Monitoring

  • Hubstaff's GPS monitoring and time tracking iOS app is currently in beta.
  • It allows you to track time while on the go and reports on your location

URL and Application Monitoring

  • See what your team is doing with screenshots and activity levels
  • See which applications your team members are using and what URLs they are browsing 

Your Remote Team Dashboard

  • Manage your team from anywhere
  • Hours and Activity Tracking
  • Timesheets and Reports
  • 14 Days free. No Credit Card. No ObligationStart Free Trial
  • Native Desktop Applications

Export Reports

  • Export work reports in PDF, CSV, or Quickbooks format


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 3 Users (slide to adjust)

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