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About this App

By identifying the most interested prospects, you could dedicate more time to them, increase your conversion rate and save a lot of time Doing much more than just tracking emails, our sales management software allows you to use sales proposal template online to create user-friendly business proposals and send them directly to your prospects. From there, Tilkee tracks their reading behaviors and gives you real-time statistics and tips on when and how to follow-up on your leads. Finally, you close deals easily thanks to the electronic signature PDF option.



Get reliable and detailed stats on your business proposals: total reading time, number of connections, IP address, pages viewed, time spent on each file, documents downloaded and much more.


As soon as your prospect opens one of your Tilk, our proposal software will send you an e-mail with feedbacks on everything he has or has not read and other tremendous information.


You can customize your Tilks and upload your logo to match your corporate identity.

Import files

  • You can upload any format of files on Tilkee: “.doc”, “.pdf”, “.ppt”, “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png” or even “.mov” and “.mp4”.
  • All of these are handled and tracked in detail.
  • We automatically generate a table of contents in each of your document so you can easily follow your stats and know which pages have been read or not.


Our dedicated algorithm (92% reliability) indicates the estimated chances that your proposal will be accepted. This way you can focus on the prospect who have proved to be the most interested.

Address book

Create or import contacts in your address book to ease the follow-up of your prospects.


  • Link Tilkee to your apps and CRM.
  • Thanks to our API (specifications here), you can integrate Tilkee to your CRM and receive your stats directly in the prospect’s file.
  • Track SalesForce opportunities and much more !

Electronic signature

Being a sales tool, one of Tilkee’s goal is to help you increase sales and close deal very efficiently. Therefore, your prospect can use the electronic signature PDF option to validate your deal very quickly and insure you get the highest ROI possible.

SalesForce and CRM

To render your business life as easy as possible, Tilkee is fully integrated in SalesForce and other CRM ! With the use of Tilkee and SalesForce, better data will lead you to greater follow-up and increasing sales. Use Tilkee as a SalesForce lead nurturing tool !

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 Electronic signature
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