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We believe in emailing... without the baggage. That's why we created Mailjet in 2011, to help build simple email experiences with a powerful impact. Bring your Marketing and Development teams together on one platform to build, send and optimize email campaigns. Already more than 15,000,000,000 emails sent. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, marketer or developer, we’ve got the right tools for you to create beautifully responsive email campaigns that land in the inbox. 


One solution for your entire team

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, marketer or developer, we’ve got the right tools for you to create beautifully responsive email campaigns that land in the inbox. 


  • Contact List Management

Install our opt-in widget on your website to capture email addresses and automatically sync to contact lists on your account. Or, upload your own contact list as either a CSV, TXT or XLS file. Our system acts as your second pair of eyes, filtering out unsubscribes and possible errors.

  • Personalization 

Make each customer feel special - send email campaigns with a human touch. Quickly and easily tailor dynamic content for each individual email based on variables such as name, location and historical activity.

  • Newsletter Templates 

Beautiful, responsive email that's intuitive and easy to build. Get off the ground in minutes by choosing from our library of free newsletter templates or use Passport to create a design of your own via drag-and-drop.

  • SMTP Relay

Rest easy sending transactional email through Mailjet's SMTP Relay. Let our deliverability experts guide your campaigns to the inbox while you focus on what matters most: innovating.

  • Segmentation

Always send the right content to the right customer. Segment your contact list by preferences, past behaviors or demographics such as most purchased item, frequency of engagement or age. Optimize your content and collect deep, targeted insights send after send. 


  • Send API

Quick, reliable deliverability for your most important email notifications. Send automated welcome emails, account notifications and shipping confirmations with our REST API and Send API.

  • Parse API

Save time setting up automated processes to respond to email from your clients. Use our Parse API for effortless CRM integration or email forwarding.

  • Dedicated IP

Take control of your sender reputation with a dedicated IP address. As your volume of sending grows, you will want to consider moving off a shared IP and managing your own address. Dedicated IP addresses start at the Silver plan.


  • A/X Testing

Don't guess when you can be certain. Run an A/B test to find the best time, subject line or call-to-action to engage your customers with. Or, for more advanced senders, use our A/X testing tool to run multivariate testing to experiment with up to 10 variations.

  • Campaign Comparison

The success of your email program goes beyond individual campaigns. Campaign Comparison helps you build the bigger picture by grouping like email campaigns and averaging results to create benchmarks. 

  • Tracking Tools

In-depth tracking from the moment you hit send. Measure key metrics such as opens, clicks and unsubscribes to always know how your marketing and transactional email are performing.

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