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About this App

TribeHR is an exciting development in the world of human resource management: our innovative features let your company focus more on what you do best, and less on the things that get in your way. Our HR management software doesn't just hold all of your employee information: It also cleverly studies it to show you trends, and highlights information that can save you time and money. Full of awesome features in an easy-to-use intuitive interface, TribeHR helps you build a motivated and resourceful culture in your company, making everyone happier and more efficient. 



Make hiring a social experience, automate repetitive tasks, and shorten the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

  • Applicant Tracking System

TribeHR’s powerful applicant tracking system begins with your own customizable job board – making it easy to post positions and accept applications.  Applicants can apply directly online with their resume and cover letter or easily apply with their Linkedin profile,  making it easy and efficient.

  • Social Network Integration

TribeHR supports your social recruiting activities by allowing candidates to apply automatically from Indeed, storing the information directly in the applicant tracking system.

  • Customizable Job Board

When candidates submit applications through your customizable job board, their information is automatically entered into TribeHR’s applicant tracking system, so you have total control over the hiring process from day one.

  • Efficient Resume Collection

TribeHR makes it easy for candidates to apply and easy for you to collect, organize and track resumes for all your job postings. 

  • Hiring Teams

Experience the advantage of many hands and multiple perspectives—without creating chaos!

  • Consolidate Interview Notes

Interview notes entered by you and your team are tied to the applicant throughout the hiring process.


Enjoy the best of HR information management with innovative social features in engaging social interface that employees love. 

  • Searchable Company Directory

Great things happen when it’s easy to reach out and find a colleague who can help solve a problem or answer a question.

  • Personalized, Social Employee Profiles

Profiles give employees the ability to personalize their information, to give and receive kudos, and to track career goals and skills development.

  • Employee Self-Service

With online employee profiles instead of paper-based files, employees are encouraged to personalize their workplace image and interact with their peers in a more collaborative way.

  • Dynamic Organizational Chart

TribeHR automatically charts your organization based on the reporting relationships you identify for every employee in the system 

  • Employee and Resource Document Storage

It’s simple to store employee records, job descriptions, policy manuals and other HR documents in TribeHR.

  • Employee History Timeline

Each employee profile stores the complete history of the employee in date-effective records that clearly identify changes, milestones, and growth experienced since the date of hire. 

  • Compensation Tracking

Establish default settings based on the most common approach used in your organization, and then easily customize any individual employee files that differ.

  • Corporate Calendar

Your TribeHR Company Calendar conveniently ties together date-dependent items like employee vacations, sick days, due dates for goals, birthdays, employment anniversaries, company events, and more!

  • Multi-Location and Currency Support

TribeHR enables companies with a business presence in more than one physical location to maintain a consistent, integrated human resource management system across the organization. 

  • Employee Time-Off Tracking

TribeHR provides all the flexibility you need to create the combination that best supports your employees and makes your company unique.

  • HRIS Reports

TribeHR reports help you turn that data into useful information that builds organizational knowledge and supports strategic decision making.

Talent Management

Engage and nurture your talent with our uniquely social performance management, feedback, cultural alignment, and goal tracking tools. 

  • 360 Feedback

TribeHR’s talent management capabilities enable everyone to give and receive 360 feedback from their peers, their reports, and their managers.

  • Peer and Public Recognition

Employees love the way TribeHR makes it easy for them to recognize each other's successes.

  • Goal Management

With TribeHR, employee goals become social and collaborative. When goals are social and collaborative, you can tie them directly to corporate objectives and values, so that every employee understands where they fit and how they contribute to the company’s overall strategy. 

  • Skills Tracking

With TribeHR, managers can identify and update these skills for individual employees, then track them across the entire workforce.

  • Reviews and Review Cycles

When you initiate a review and select (or create) a review template, the employee is automatically notified, asked to look over the populated areas of the template, and encouraged to complete all identified sections.

  • Values and Culture

Leverage the values that make up your company culture, to keep employees aligned and focused on what matters. Tie values directly to corporate objectives  

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A basic social HRIS that allows you to track the essentials, while fostering employee engagement with kudos and public recognition.A rich performance management and employee development environment that also includes robust recruiting tools, end-to-end applicant tracking, individual and team levels goals, along with comprehensive skills tracking.The full TribeHR experience with enhanced reporting; advanced talent management including 360 feedback; the ability to connect employee goals, reviews, and recognition with your corporate values for company-wide cultural alignment; as well as social recruiting with Facebook and Linkedin integrations.