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About this App

Essentially, Bitrix24 provides companies with a hub to communicate, collaborate, build knowledge, and generate new ideas in a secure and accessible cloud-based environment. Bitrix24 has both free and commercial plans (freemium model). The free plan is a fully-fledged social intranet with a limit of 12 users. The paid plans allow unlimited users and contain additional functionality


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM in Bitrix24 provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.

  • Reports and Sales Funnel
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Quotes
  • Invoices inside the CRM
  • Mobile CRM
  • Emails to clients
  • Calls to clients
  • Additionally, it is possible to use IP-telephony applications (Skype, Lync, or other).
  • Access Rights and Roles in CRM
  • Business processes in the CRM
  • Apps & Integrations

Project & Task Management 

  • Tasks and subtasks can be viewed in a Gantt chart
  • Employee Workload Management in tasks
  • Counters and roles
  • Add a checklist to a task and follow the progress point-by-point
  • Templates and Automation
  • Workgroups
  • Task Reports
  • Report Builder

Social Intranet

How easy is it to communicate with social networks like Facebook? There is little question that the wild popularity of social networks comes from the fact that they solve a basic problem – ease of communication – in a way that is superior to previous options. Imagine putting the power of enterprise social networking into your company's daily operations!

  • Activity Stream : is a unified, interactive update feed
  • The 'Like!' button
  • Conversations to start collaboration on a task or a document
  • Badges are a great motivational tool
  • Create announcements for important things
  • The photo gallery gives users complete control over photo
  • Standard workflows (Leave Requests, Business Trips, Expenses, Purchases, General Requests
  • Integration with popular Social Networks

Document Management

  • Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24 will make them accessible in a powerful document management system.
  • Private & Shared Documents
  • Easy Document Collaboration
  • Version History
  • Creating & Editing Documents Online
  • Integration with External Drives
  • Instant Search

Bitrix24 as an HR MS

You can use Bitrix24 as a free human resources management system (HRMS) for your company. All the core HRMS features – from an employee directory and a self-service portal to leave management and work reports are there, wrapped in a social interface that your workers and HR department will love to use. 

Telephony : call anywhere

Use Bitrix24 to call to any mobile phone or land line, domestically or internationally. You don’t need any special IP-telephony equipment, you can call from your Bitrix24 portal anywhere where there’s a reliable internet connection.

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