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About this App

It is a software consisting of enterprise modules of the new generation, which has been on the market since 2012, and operates completely in the cloud. It’s available anywhere in the world via the web or mobile devices. Currently it consists of three web modules : Time Tracking, Billing and Attendance, where Time Tracking is available both as an Android and iOS app and Attendance as an Android app.


One-click entry

  • Easy record your attendance activities
  • See overview in clear and simple timesheets.
  • Comprehensive timesheets 

Employees can access and check their current and previous timesheets, see how much time they spent per day, week or month, and export or email them directly from the app.

Accessible anywhere

  • The app works offline too and automatically synchronizes as soon as it is online again.
  • Attendance in cloud means accessibility anywhere anytime.
  • Attendance and Time tracking are closely interconnected.

Benefits from integration

By using Attendance, you get not only an easy-to-use app but due to the integration with the primaERP modules, a tool to analyze your data. The reports and the team overview from Time Tracking give you a closer look at the data, while Billing enables you to even assign and evaluate costs.

Time tracking

Easily enter the time spent in the Calendar view, retroactively or in real time, or use the Agenda view to switch quickly between repetitive tasks for the day. You can also use the mobile application. Time tracking has never been so easy!

  • Tracking time on your projects, tasks, activities and clients will be really easy
  • Connect primaERP with any other application
  • Connection with Google and Exchange calendars, Basecamp and other applications

Use scheduled meetings and activities from your Google or Exchange calendar by simply dragging them into the primaERP calendar.

Effective teamwork

By working together on projects and tasks, you can see the activity in the team calendar and watch the effectivity increase. With the clear team and project reports, you will have a nice overview of the time spent and amount invoiced.

  • This timetracker provides you tools for effective teamwork
  • Pricing and billing are the next logical steps after you’ve tracked your time
  • Budgeting your time and money

Compare the planned time with the real hours spent on a project or task to see which work is more beneficial. To know how much time and effort was spent on individual projects is the key for every business.


  • Customize your bills
  • Convert your time tracked in Time tracking to money in the Billing module.
  • Prepare a detailed pricelist for the billing of your tracked time.
  • Detailed price lists
  • Assign hourly rates quickly and flexibly according to your clients, projects & tasks
  • Reprice individual or all of your time records from the Time Tracking app
  • You can also customize your bills by adding a logo and/or a signature 
  • Have a clear overview of your billed and unbilled time and money.

Overview of your bills

Know clearly and precisely what you´ve already billed and what you still should. Easily view the bills of a specific customer or just the ones, which are not approved yet. See your efficiency at a glance with the billed/unbilled time comparison graph.

AttendanceTime TrackingBilling
/ month for each additional (Free for 3 users)/ month for each additional (Free for 3 users)/ month for each additional (Free for 1 user)

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AttendanceTime TrackingBilling
/ month for each additional (Free for 3 users)/ month for each additional (Free for 3 users)/ month for each additional (Free for 1 user)