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About this App

LessAccounting will help business owners who want to make Bookkeeping less painful. 


Your Accounting is Easy!

Stop thinking that your bookkeeping is hard to manage. Records your business expenses and categorize them. Send invoices and get paid by hte people who owe you money. Simple as that!. 


You will track quickly and easyly all your business expenses with LessAccounting. You can create expenses categories, add notes to them and create reimnders of due expenses.


Send online invoices and track payments. We will be able to customize your invoices. You can even accept payments via Paypal.


It's more than just a simple address book, manage your contact in a real CRM to keep track of all your clients. Import your contacts from Basecamp, Highrise, Gmail and other web apps.

Accounting Workflows

Don't waste hours on accounting tasks with LessAccounting workflows. Spend less time on your book and more time running your business.


Mileage covered on a business trip counts as a business expense. This feature allows you to log your trips and mileage.

Import Data

LessAccounting provides a full integration with thousands banks. We will also be able to upload QIF and QFX files.

Accounting Reports

With this reporting tools you can see where all of your money is going to and coming from. Create custom reports and filter them by date, client, tags, and more. You can also keep track of your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll with our reports.

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