Advantages & disadvantages of Softwares as a Service (SAAS)

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Disadvantages of Softwares as a Service

With Softwares as a service, the software works only with subscriptions and everything done is limited to a central hosting home. Business applications tend to use it more and more but Softwares as a Service only work if you are connected to the internet, which is not the case with a software usually. The companies’ reliance on a functioning Internet is therefore constantly growing. It is not possible to travel with SAAS on a plane for instance. People without a connection at home can not use it either. Connection problems may erase your work, which can certainly be a big problem.

SAAS might also not be compatible with any non-SAAS software. What’s going on to my database if I switch to another software is that functionalities could be limited. Excel includes some features which are not included into other programs for instance. SAAS developers are working on it nevertheless to improve the quality of programs with a SAAS application. SAAS applications tend also to be slower than non-SAAS ones, but this issue might be solved in the future.

When all information is centralized into a cloud, it becomes more difficult to adapt privacy terms and it is highly possible that private data in the SAAS cloud is mixed with other people’s private data. The cloud providers are also an other party to which personal information has to be communicated, which does not keep your data private at all.

Privacy policy is something which is not legally defined. Nevertheless, some specialists say that centralized data in a cloud could be a more secure manner to keep private data. Some people think that if private information is leaked to other parties, a cloud might be the safest situation to protect privacy, because they know what to do when there are problems with data privacy, so that the damage would not be so big.

It remains after all a problem that data may have to be communicated to other parties.


Advantages of Softwares as a Service

There are some undeniable advantages to the use of a SAAS, at an economic level and at a technical one. SAAS let you try its applications for free at first. SAAS help to reduce cost because no software, hardware or support fees have to be paid. There is also no technical cost, companies dont’ have to pay for technical diseases, everything is manage by the SAAS editors. Only a monthly subscription fee is paid, which is usually not high and cheaper than a traditional software.

Of course, as a centralized external service, SAAS are really easy to use and to integrate to an internal environment, because they mainly rely on an internet connection and most problems are solved directly where all data is gathered.

These data centers are more secure than a software downloaded on a hard drive. Specialists care about keeping data private as much as possible, and they know how to prevent hacking better.

All data being reduced to a cloud center makes SAAS easier to use for Mobile users. One might say it has been thought to ensure a mobile friendly usage. For example a selling team don’t have to come back at the office to manage customers needs, everything could be done from a mobile device, so a huge step for productivity.



SAAS make certainly things easier because everything is external to the users’ devices. At the same time, SAAS have been strongly criticized because users can not control what is happening in the software at all. Some people with prefer therefore to remain free and to decide by themselves. For mass usage, it seems simpler to avoid technical problems though.


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