How to choose an online ERP software ?

how to choose the right ERP software

Before choosing an ERP system, there are some parameters that business owners have to consider. Those are the guarantee of the right tool for the right business line.

The features

The first thing an entrepreneur must check is the capacity of the ERP software to manage every component of an activity. For small businesses, one can always expect new assets in the daily production of the company. Similarly, a specific occupation might be split in many divisions for a greater efficiency.

If that were the case, it’s in the best interest of the company to get a good ERP system, smart enough to adapt its features and to enable such a change, whatever it might be.


Long before a purchasing, the best strategy is to know exactly what are the specificities that an ERP software must have for a particular area of activity.

It might be the necessary analytics that the system will need to provide, the future patterns of the company that an ERP software will have to take into account or any other relevant factor related to the enterprise in question.

The best alternative will be an extensible ERP software, open to customization since software developers cannot foresee everything.

Mobile users

Since the very target of any internal system implementation is to improve business, an ERP software must not forget mobile users. It would be a huge mistake to set an ERP system’s accessibility only for desktop users while we know the success of mobility and BYOD.

It is highly recommanded to promote efficiency by allowing work on tablets and smartphones. In order to do that, the ERP solution must offer the best safety options to contain the sensitive information. This is an imperative for any business app.


A SaaS ERP software is primarily a tool made to ease the handling of tasks and not to worsen it. That is why the implementation of such a tool must not disrupt the operation of any other already-installed implement like dropbox, Goggle apps, microsoft office… Fixing the workflow issues must be a top priority.

This ease of integration will be worth it both for the company’s budget and time, valuable resources.

The budget

Small and medium sized companies might be frightened by the cost of a Saas ERP software. One can say that it relies mostly on the complexity needed from an ERP software and the number of the future users. The access level of which one of them will also be added in the final cost alongside the future customizations.

The safe option to make the right choice is to consider those factors. They allow informed purchasing choices and enable a fast profitability for companies who decide to take step towards a Saas ERP software.


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