How Saas apps will boost your business?

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Today’s international business environment is putting more pressure on companies to introduce new technological solutions to improve their position in the marketplace and ensure a strong competitiveness. However, this is not always possible as it often needs large investments. With Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, corporate leaders will get an economical measure to manage their business, and an efficient way to improve its performance.

From a Software as a Product to a Software as a Service:

Software as a Service (SaaS), also referred to as Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software; is a new model of software distribution, in which applications are delivered as a service, with a simple online access via a network (typically the Internet). It’s a smart alternative to the standard software model. In other words, instead of purchasing software applications as a package and installing them on personal computers, SaaS users subscribe to the software for a period of time, most commonly on a monthly basis as if they were renting it, and use the applications over the Internet with files saved in the cloud.
Available for a range of needs, SaaS seems to be very beneficial for companies, with all the benefits that it can provide.

A business technology with lower costs and better security:

Reducing costs is a prime concern for business leaders, therefore, by adding Software as a Service applications, the company doesn’t have to invest tens of thousands in a complex computer system. Indeed, building servers, purchasing licenses, installing the applications and updating them can be heavily expensive. With this new software distribution model, the user has the advantage of paying a fixed subscription of an amount previously defined, which provides a better control of the budget. This solution is particularly economical since the software is already installed and configured. Moreover, it promotes time saving as the users deploy its applications more quickly and it’s the SaaS provider that handles the costs of upgrades and regular maintenance. In addition, data is stored in the cloud with a high reliability level which offers sophisticated security measures, such as advanced data tagging, table encryption, and better data isolation.

High availability and accessibility made easy:

Rather than being installed on individual computers, applications delivered through Software as a Service model are easily accessed from any location, since it’s web-based. All that users need is an Internet connection. Besides, SaaS offers flexible functionality, it ensures permanent access to data and makes employees manage different issues within seconds. Simply accessed through the web, this model guaranties simplifying various business functions, from accounting, to human resources management, including tracking sales, customer relationship management, planning, and communications (webmail and instant messaging).

Compatibility for a better collaboration:

By using SaaS applications, corporate leaders ensure everyone sees the same information at the same time. In addition, all users will have the same version of software, which provides an improved access to data and offers an easier collaboration. Moreover, the fact that data is actively stored and informations are constantly updated leads to a better decision making, the key of an efficient business productivity.

More flexible and financially attractive, SaaS is gaining popularity in the business environment. In addition to availability, it provides easier accessibility and greater security, imperative elements to boost your business.




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